Edie as the face of Real Homes

Real Homes - the glossy go-to for desirable decor - featured Maria's (sold out) print Edie on the cover of their October 2017 edition. Set into plush surroundings - inky blue walls, exposed herringbone floors, and delicate chandeliers - the playful pin-up looked right at home... The fabulous interior is by Cheshire Interior Design.

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Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 10.43.00.png
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Mrs Smith at the ZGZ Escena

Mrs Smith has been selected as the face of Spain's ZGZ Escena festival, to appear on leaflets and posters throughout Septmeber 2017. With her exotic vibrancy, Mrs Smith is the perfect fit for a festival that brings together diverse theatre practitioners and innovative artistic talent. 

teatro .jpg

House of Artists meets TOWIE

If you've missed any of the recent news posts on Maria's collaborations with House of Artists, click here to find out more about their wall covering commissions.  

TOWIE star Megan McKenna has recently installed an Amelia wall covering in her Woodford Green restaurant, McK Grill

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Maria at Artist Residence

Concept hotel Artist Residence in Brighton asked Maria to adorn one of their beautiful Regency rooms with her collages. The eccentric and bohemian hotel distills the spirit of the city, filling each bedroom with the creative work of local artists. 

Maria's design featured images of Brighton from retro postcards, combined with Hollywood stills and exotic flora and fauna. 

Filmmaker Sharon Kilgannon documented the installation of the mural. See her brilliant film below, showing Maria at work with a commentary on her design processes.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 14.33.08.png

House of Artists in Florida

In a recent blog post we talked about House of Artists, a collective specialising in exquisite wall vinyls by cutting edge, contemporary artists.

Maria's latest House of Artists commission was for a state-of-the-art pad in Florida, where the fabulous Frieda now resides. 


'Out of the Ordinary' at Christie's

Christie's 2016 summer exhibition, 'Out of the Ordinary', marked the commemoration of 250 years of London's iconic auction house. 

Celebrating the unusual and the unique, the extraordinary and the exceptional, the show comprised over 90 lots, selected for the intriguing stories that they told. Jungle Call and Cascadia were amongst the works selected for the exhibit, both selling at the show's culminating auction in September '16. 

Jungle Call LR.jpg
Cascadia LR.jpg

Eliza at 53 Degrees North / Laurent Perrier

We recently wrote about contemporary art collective House of Artists, whose mission it is to spread exquisite art through the medium of vinyl wall coverings. 

In the latest collaboration with contemporary collective House of Artists, Maria has been commissioned to fill a single wall of 53 Degrees North / Laurent Perrier in Leeds. A stunning backdrop to the bar's VIP area, Eliza adds exquisite colour to the iconic space. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 17.47.24.png
Laurent Perrrier .jpg

House of Artists in London

House of Artists - established by contemporary artist Ben Allen - works with a diverse collective of art practitioners (Maria amongst them) to create large scale wall coverings. Transforming interior spaces, House of Artists creates breathtaking vinyls - murals for the twenty-first century - which have attracted a cult following, for both public and private commissions.

Maria's work has just been featured in a glossy, London office block, where Frieda's face graces the whitewashed walls... 


Galerie Bhak Solo Show

Snapshots from the 2016 solo show at Galerie Bhak in Seoul, Korea, including cover art for Sajinyesul Photo Art Mag and Hyundae Munhak, South Korea's acclaimed contemporary literature magazine. 

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korean photo art mag.jpg

Scarlett as the face of Nordea Banking

In October 2015, Scarlett was commissioned as the face of the Nordea Banking campaign at Stockholm's Affordable Art Fair. Gracing the covers of glossy magazines and brightening the walls at the Nordea stand, Scarlett was blossoming, with her tumbling headdress and sparkling blue eyes. 

Nordea banking .jpeg

Pin-ups at Percy and Founders

Several of Maria's Pin-ups, including Godiva and Billie Ray, are decorating the walls at Percy and Founders, a sate-of-the-art restaurant and bar in London's fashionable Fitzrovia. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 13.57.55.png
Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 13.56.20.png

Popcorn Noir at Saatchi Gallery

Images from 'Popcorn Noir', a 2015 solo show with Saatchi Gallery, London.  

The show was an exhibition of original works and prints, inspired by three, vintage films: Hitchcock's 'Rear Window', 'A Stolen Life' starring Bette Davis, and a number of the 1930s 'Tarzan' series. Staging a collage within a collage, the exhibition deconstructed and reassembled stills from the iconic films across the entire collection.  


Tarzania Original Collage on Paper 116 x 85cm Framed

Original Collage on Paper
116 x 85cm Framed

Heart of Darkness Penguin Book Cover

Penguin Books commissioned Maria to design a book cover for Joseph Conrad's timeless classic Heart of Darkness. 

The brief was short: the cover had to look "modern and different." Maria applied her pin-up process, building exotic flora and fauna, hidden figures and animals, over an antique photographic portrait. With a sitter resembling the book's narrator, Marlow, Maria layered snakes, maps, and skulls - some of the book's most evocative images - to create her unique visual response. 

The result was a success, capturing the dark and brooding atmosphere of one of the nineteenth century's most captivating works of literature.