maria rivans


Welcome to the world of the ‘Pin-up'.
Portraits of film stars and pop idols surround and engulf our everyday lives,
existing for us to adore and worship like gods of our modern age. With this body of work I have created a series of new, weird and wonderful pin-ups for us to admire. By using portraits of film stars from found 1930/40’s Hollywood Albums I intentionally set out to retain that all-important vintage feel. Influenced by the extraordinary colours of Hitchcock films shown in Technicolor and sci-fi TV shows such as Land of the Giants and Planet of the Apes, these heroes from the past have been altered by combining and blending other found imagery scavenged from different eras, thus inviting the viewer into my strange and peculiar world. The cut elements from these past worlds now collide, transforming the reality around us whilst questioning identity, our reasons and needs for the pin–up as well as commenting on our world of constant change and mystery.

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